Nothing worth doing comes easy.

The ultimate winners in the cannabis industry will be those who do the hard work of figuring out the right answers to many difficult-to-solve problems.  

We don’t offer easy answers, overly rosy projections, or too simple solutions that deny the true complexity of a problem. We do offer real solutions to real problems and roadmaps and a guiding hand to get you where you want to go.

If you are ready to find your niche in a once-in-a-generation wealth creation opportunity or improve the operations of your existing company, Cosentra can be your guide and help make amazing things happen for you.

Services we offer include:

There is a lot of general information about cannabis available for free and for a cost from great companies like MJBizDaily and Cannabis Benchmarks. We urge any prospective client to check out what these resources have to offer.

The problem is that this information, while providing a great grounding in overall developments, trends, and openings, is often too broadly conceived to be of use to an investor or entrepreneur looking for answers to specific questions about specific, fast-moving developments in specific markets.

This is where Cosentra comes in. While we maintain and update our own library of research materials, we also love answering those specific questions tailored for your specific needs. Whether reports, decks, presentations or some mix of the above, we have worked on research projects great and small for people looking to get the information they need to make wise decisions about which investments to make, which markets to enter, and what kind of business to develop.   

One thing all American cannabis markets seem to have in common is an onerous application process. Cosentra has been there and done and seen that for nearly every existing license type in multiple states.

Whether directly or through a network of select partners, Cosentra creates winning applications for our clients, managing all aspects of the process, including:

Cannabis is not easy.

It begins with mastery of the cultivation of a particular plant. It continues through an array of extraction types and product creation methods. It includes financing arrangements you are unlikely to find in any other industry. And it concludes with a heavily-regulated retail experience like no other. (The taxes aren’t straightforward either.)

Cosentra has experience across all of these aspects of the business, and can help guide both your practice and decision making. We specialize in helping you better understand your specific challenge and developing individually tailored solutions to your problems that allow you to be great at what you do while maximizing your returns.

Individual projects will vary depending on the needs of the client, but in the past have included: